Wafer Fabrication Services

We specialize in supply and services to wafer fabrication in the following areas:

  • Repair and Refurbish AMAT ALN Heaters.
  • Repair Refurbish PVD AMAT MCA Chucks, ESIP, SIP DTESC.
  • Refurbish Lam CVD pedestals ALTUS and VECTORS and GREEN PEDESTALS.
  • Supply, Repair and refurbish Gates Valves. Manual 3 way valves.
  • Supply of Embedded heater 3 way valves, Heated gate valves.
  • Supply of Tension Lock Clamps, Anti suck back valves.
  • TEL ESC VIGUS one to one exchange.
  • Supply of Implant Filters.
  • Supply Heater Jackets.
  • Modify, Upgrade, Repair and Refurbish DNS Wet Benches.
  • Repair and Refurbish Laser Interferometer.